Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kid's say the darndest things

Yesterday morning one of the houses I pick kids up at had it's Christmas lights on. This house just so happens to be the house that caused me to post this. So when I was getting ready to back up, one of the high schoolers said, "Heather, watch out for the Christmas lights!!" To which I replied, "They aren't on my tree, so we should be okay."

Clever I know. But it was early.

Some of the elementary kids were asking the younger boy how come they have so many Christmas lights. To which he replied, "Because the more lights you have the more presents you get."

Aren't kids cute?! It just made my day to hear him say that. They are so innocent.


Staci said...

oh, to be young and naive again!!

hebba said...

super cute!

ManicMandee said...

I saw that you commented on my blog, and I was like "who is this?" I love when new people comment! Thanks a ton. So I go check out your profile and I see that you are a bus driver and was seriously like "SAWEEET!" I think this job rocks. Like better than president of the US. Seriously.