Monday, October 20, 2008

Reason #43 Why you shouldn't leave your Christmas lights up year round.

They just might get pulled out of the tree by an insane bus driver trying to turn around in your drive too close to the tree.

Yep, that's how my morning got started off. I backed carefully in to a drive to turn around. I was pretty proud of myself because I was perfectly backed in, didn't think I came too close to the tree that lines the drive, so I thought, "Yea for you, Super Bus Driver!" I did notice that the Christmas lights were hanging down in a loop but didn't think too much of it because they are normally like that.

We get going down the road and the girls in the back say, "Bus Driver, you have Christmas lights hanging from the back of the bus."

"Oh, Yea. I'm just getting a head start this year."

They didn't hear that part but needless to say laughed the whole. way. to. school.

It really wasn't that funny.


Apple said...

LOL. I've heard some great driver stories and this is up there. I assure you I am laughing with you as tomorrow it could be me!

Staci said...

That is totally hilarious!! I love your comeback!! Fast on your feet! The planter that they gave you was way cute!!