Thursday, October 23, 2008

A 'special' gift from a family

For those of you who follow my blog...wait I have only 1 follower, and she's my S-I-L, "Hi, Staci!"....but that may be stumbling across this should read my post entitled 'Reason #43 Why You Shouldn't Leave your Chirstmas Lights Up Year Round'

Ok, so here's what I received today.....

Along with this 'cute little card....

"Thanks for taking care of the boys on the bus. We really appreciate their safety and your concern! Thanks again!
P.S. Here's your own tree and lights! ha ha ha (Couldn't resist during safety week)"

Ah, bus safety week...and here I am backing into trees and getting Christmas lights stuck on my bus.

Michigan School Bus Safety Week October 22-26, 2007

October 19, 2007

LANSING – School districts throughout Michigan will celebrate Michigan School Bus Safety Week from October 22-26, 2007 .

Each school day, over 17,000 Michigan school bus drivers transport more than 850,000 students, traveling over 184 million miles annually. Overall, the yellow school bus continues to be an icon of safe transportation staffed by drivers who take a personal interest in each student.

School bus drivers are the first and last school employee students see each day. They help begin a productive school day with a smile, and deliver the students back to their parents at the end of the day. School bus drivers and transportation support staff are an important contributor to each school district’s learning program.

“The Michigan State Board of Education recognizes that the importance of protecting the safety of Michigan ’s school children extends beyond the classroom walls and the building,” said State Board of Education President Kathleen N. Straus. “The Board has great respect for the accomplishments of Michigan ’s school bus drivers, mechanics, supervisors, and all school transportation personnel in providing the safest transportation possible for children to and from school and home.”

Michigan School Bus Safety Week serves as a fitting time to recognize everyone who contributes to the successful operation of the state’s school buses and urges all Michigan drivers to become more aware of school bus safety regulations and encourages all citizens to be alert and drive carefully near school buses.

Secretaries get 1 day, Presidents get 1 day, Sweeties get 1 day, but bus drivers get a whole week. What a special group we are!!!


Weeksie50 said...

What a fun prize! lol.

I teach Pre-K and we went on a field trip the other day..and I totally couldn't do your job.. you my friend are a saint..