Friday, October 24, 2008

A Day Off

The teachers at our school (and maybe all I don't know, this is the first job I've ever had working t a school) create the school calendar. And I love them for it! Because today is a Teacher Inservice Day! I don't understand why the chose today, but I really don't care because I'm home! I love our teachers! :D

Downfall to being home on a no-school day is all the kids are home too. And hubby decided to take today off too. No biggie, everyone is laying around or still sleeping, or gone.

Truth be told I think the teachers are gearing up for next Friday, Halloween. I despise Halloween almost more than Christmas, on the bus that my real life I love both of the holidays, because the teachers get the kids all jacked up on candy and then send them home on the bus. And they are jacked!!

I'm trying to come up with a cleaver costume that is appropriate to wear on the bus...any ideas?


Sue said...

Hi, I was just looking around for other bus driver blogs, and came accross yours. Looks good :-)

I put on a black witch hat with long gray hair and a bit of makeup to make me look sick, and I usually put pumpkins and scary ghost pictures in my bus as well.

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Staci said...

I didn't realize that there is a whole group of crazy school bus drivers that blog!! Way Cool!!! I love your blog and the colors are great!!