Monday, November 17, 2008

Come on guys

I'm pretty sure that the kids on the bus this morning were complaining about snow. And discussing all the horrible things that can/can't happen to the bus when it is snowing. They were debating how easy it would be to go into the ditch since the bus is so heavy, and how much is weighs, etc.

Anyways, there was a light dusting.

I get a little nervous when it's icy and slushy but a dusting?!

Ok, so a few years back I did back into a ditch trying to turn around, and got stuck half in and half out of the road but I've learned from that mistake. Make sure you have a good backer-upper helper! And that there are tracks to go by.

I don't know what the conversation was all about but it was nice to hear that they are concerned about our safety in the snow. Plus I think they were mad there wasn't enough snow for a delay or cancellation today. :D

So be sure to use a little extra caution if there is inclimate weather when you are out and about with school buses. It takes a longer time to get a bus slowed down on bad roads...either snow, ice or even rain.


Staci said...

I don't envy you your job when the weather starts getting bad. Be careful out there!!
Love ya,

Vicki said...

I guess you do blog! I had a similar experience when I drove bus. Funny how snow all looks the same in a mirror! Tracks are very helpful, but even then, white is white. :)