Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When did I move to the U.P.?

Lately I've felt like I've been transported to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We've been getting a ton of snow this winter. We still had about 10" or so on the ground and then got about another 3" this morning. And the snow this morning wasn't a nice light snow, it was the heavy wet kind.

I had to take my bus in to get the tires rotated and in the 10 miles I had to go saw only 1 car in the ditch, so I suppose everyone is getting smarter about how to drive in winter weather.

It can snow all it wants in December, but January 1st the snow should stop and the temps should go to anywhere between 50-75.


Staci said...

wishing thinking there bus lady about the weather getting warmer after Jan. 1st!!!

I love the little countdown thing you have there on your blog. Only 4 months, 15 hours, 21 minutes and counting until the last day of school!! Yeah!!!

Staci said...

BTW...I tried to read your newest post on your other blog and it says it doesn't exist?!!! Hey, I just noticed your up to 3 followers for the crazy bus lady!! Very cool!

Apple said...

I'd be happy if would just get above freezing and start to melt! We have run out of places to pile it up.

I really am spoiled with our garage set up, the guys take care of most of the maintenance between my runs.