Thursday, April 23, 2009

Points for being a Bus Driver

5 points for hitting any animal that is in the road that should be caged ie ducks or chickens

5 points for passing a road that you should turn onto to pick up a child. This point is only awarded if you are daydreaming about your upcoming weekend and the lovely weather.

10 points if you pull out in front of someone.

Add an additional 15 points if they flip you off.

50 points for tearing up a drive as you back into it.

50 points for hitting a live, wild animal as it scurries across the road.

100 points for hitting a principal, superintendent, supervisor or teacher that annoys you.

500 points for making it through the week without strangling a student on your bus.

Ok, I'm just kidding. I'm not suggesting that anyone does any of these things. There is no real point system. You will not win any prize, but it sure would be nice, eh?!? (Hey and I'm not even Canadian!)


Edith said...

Too funny! I loved this...especially the one about the points for the administrators! I'll have to write later about my day/'s too close to afternoon route time and I get upset even thinking about it at the moment.

Have a great day.

Apple said...


Wish I'd known about the five points for the duck I worked hard to miss this morning.

In the hundred point category I could really clean up!