Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is a very graphic video of a 16-year-old boy beating a female school bus driver who had repeatedly ordered him to sit down for his own safety. This incident took place last Tuesday in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The woman, a substitute driver, was transporting special needs high school students with emotional and behavioral problems. The boy’s father claimed, the bus driver “provoked” his son by tapping the brakes and throwing him off balance. The boys mother tried to defend her son's actions, saying he was bi-polar and schizophrenic with no history of violence.

But apparently, News channel 3 found five prior assault charges on the boy's record. This teen is currently being held on $5,000 bond at a juvenile detention facility. The bus driver has reportedly suffered a broken hand, burst blood vessels in both eyes, cuts, swelling and contusions in the face area, as well as six stitches in her lip.

WOW can you believe this.....

It's frightening to think what can happen just for doing your job. I couldn't help but cringe while watching this. It is very scary.


Simply AnonyMom said...

OMG! that is hard to watch. I can not believe that happened. I am very thankful the kid behind her stepped in. I can not imagine what might have happened had he not been there...

Staci said...

Of course with dial up I can't watch this but what you wrote is horrible. to top it off he'll probably get out of it!! I'm so tired of all of this politically correct bs bipolar/add/adhd/ i hate authority/ you suck/ my parents don't have rules/ behaviours that have allowed kids to get off on so many things!!

Be Careful and carry a big stick!!

Tacky44 said...

I'm also a school bus driver and we have cameras in all our buses except the handicap bus.
Our cameras wouldn't get this as they only start at the 2nd seat and go towards the back.
I had seen this on tv Friday night and was telling other drivers this am about it, now I can show it to them.

Lane said...

Our fabulous education system at work. That stuff kills me when they have a diagnosed problem, but then blame it on the bus driver/teacher. There is NO way that was the driver's fault.

That got me stirred up a lot. It's always the teachers or the bus drivers or the principals or the counselors when they're child went off. Screw that. At some point, as a parent don't you have the responsibility to make sure that WE are safe from your child?

Sorry, but that hit a nerve. I have been threatened at least three times since I have been a teacher and the worst the child got was one day suspension. You want to fix education, fix parenting first.

Thanks for allowing me to rant, Heather.


Sneaky Momma said...

My mom used to drive a bus for special needs children such as these. She was on a first name basis with the parents and had their full support. Of course, that was several years ago when a child's diagnosis was not an excuse for unbelievable behavior.

Great blog! I like the kindergartner's story below, too. :)

M said...

I saw that video!!

Our maintenance supervisor said "please don't show that to the new girl" :)

I can't even imagine. Why does a special needs bus not have a monitor???