Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Public Service Announcement About Bus Safety for Vehicle Drivers on the Road

Since I'm filling in for the big cheese boss while she's basking in the heat that is Florida I thought I'd be the one to pass along a word of caution, and share a story from this morning. Actually it wouldn't matter if she was around or not, this is my blog and I'll write what I want!! :)

One of our drivers has to make a turn around on a major road/highway. There are always cars/as*holes that she is on the look out for, and does everything to be as cautious as possible. I'm sure of it.

This morning a lower elementary student did not come out to the bus at her house, so her mother brought her to catch the bus. The driver was watching traffic and noticed a car coming up close behind her. She was backing into her turn around spot and kept an eye on everyone.

Crazy as it seems the car coming up close behind was the little girl who missed the bus earlier in the route. Her mother had her get out of the car while the bus was backing up and walk infront of the bus, which was still half way into the road. A car coming in the other direction sped around the bus and came too close to hitting the little girl. Our bus driver was still in reverse and just froze and started waiving at the car's driver.

How much sense does this mother have to let her child out in the middle of a busy road to walk in front of a bus that is half way in the middle of the road? How much sense did the other car's driver have to speed around a school bus not knowing what it may have been trying to do?

Luckily no one was hurt. The bus driver was very shook up though. So the next time you are driving and see a bus take extra caution. Stay far enough behind the bus so the driver can see you. Don't be in such a hurry.

If you see a school bus, that means there are kids around and you should take extra caution.


Staci said...

Holy Crap! That was one scary story!! Please tell me it wasn't Mom??????

BTW...the mother is a stupid-ASS!!

Lane said...

We actually had an accident at school yesterday as a car passed a bus in the parking lot. A girl was run over (she'll make it but may not ever be totally well as her fibula was broken) I never understood why you can't take the two minutes to think when buses and children are at risk.