Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's Begin

I feel it is time I share with the world what's it's really like to be a bus driver. And share humorous, aggravating, and scary stories from the bus. I don't know if anyone will even read this {I'll just assume not, that way I can really let it all out} I just need a place to vent freely.

All names and pertinent information that could identify the child involved have been changed. I wouldn't want to upset and of my wonderful students' parents. God. Forbid.

So story #1

I do have a few, and I say few sparingly, good students that will let me know when someone else has misbehaved on the bus. Last evening one of these good students informed me that "Blue Jean Boy" had a lighter out and was burning the seat.

"What? Are you sure it was him." I asked.

"Yep." said Mr. Good Boy.

"Oh, well that must have been why I kept smelling the cologne. He was trying to hide the smell of melting seat!"

"Yeah." said Mr. Good Boy.

"Well how bad it is?" I asked.

"Well, the seat turned white and is bubbly."

"Oh, nice. He must have really burnt it bad." Speaking from experience, the moron that burnt my seats a couple of years ago made it turn black, so I'm thinking white and bubbly is. not. good.

This is the 2nd student who has brought a lighter on my bus. The principal feels lighters are not a huge threat to our school, or the students on my bus. He comment last time was, "If you'd check all the kids here at school probably 1/3 of them have lighters on them."

Ok, well how about we do something about that.

Blue Jean Boy didn't ride the bus this morning, but he will be talking to Mr. Wonderful Principal about why he chose this stupid act. And thanks to Blue Jean Boy...everyone is getting assigned seats this afternoon. Even the Middle and High School kids. They are going to be held accountable for their seat. Plus I'll know who to send the bill to for a destroyed seat.

Note to parents:
Do not send lighters to school with your kids, or knives. They also use those to cut up the bus seats...just like Blue Jean Boy has allegidly been doing too.

That's all...carry on.